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I Dream of Horses

Logline: After dropping her youngest at college, the now empty-nester fills the void by impulsively buying a cutting horse resulting in struggles with painful memories, finances, a horse who won’t perform, but also a possible new love.

I Dream of Horses deals with people facing major life transitions. Maggie leaves her youngest at college and is hit by the new stark emptiness of her life. Sobbing as she drives towards home, she pulls over to compose herself. She sees horses running and is inspired that she, as broken as she is, could be free.

Once home, she attends a horse sale and show and impulsively buys a cutting horse. Complications arise as her older sister objects due to a hidden but painful past.

To support her horse, she moves to Texas to be near more major horse shows. She finds an ally and a new love interest in a horse trainer who helps make her dream come true.  All looks up as her horse is leased by several riders.  She sees financial security coming.

Then her horse refuses to work after showmen continually turn back the cow she has meticulously cut from the herd. Discouraged and depressed but unwilling to give up this horse she loves, Maggie finally finds a resolution.

The Best Me

Logline: A Valentine plan backfires, waking up the protagonist, who’s stuck in the relationship, to the joys and complexities of becoming a more assertive self.

Hadley (30 ish) goes on an all-day date with her long time significant other Marshall (late 30s). Feeling like she’s stuck in a relationship that goes no where her excitement deepens when Marshall invites her over to plan for Valentine’s Day; she envisions a ring will be forthcoming. Instead, Marshall suggests they go to a bar and pretend to be strangers. Furious at his juvenile request, Hadley leaves. She later agrees to indulge his fantasy, falling back into her compliant role.

However, at the bar Hadley meets Finn (32), the man sitting next to her as she sits down by Marshall. They have an instant connection. She builds a friendship with Finn as they explore various Chicago highlights.

A more assertive Hadley finally breaks with Marshall. The friendship with Finn deepens but complications arise which threaten to destroy this relationship too.

They break up but Hadley misses Finn and finally reconnects. She realizes she didn’t want to miss the best.

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Terrible events
Injustices, covid, war
Robin finds huge worm